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An itty bitty game engine.

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Trial available on Steam also.

About Bitty Engine

Bitty Engine is a cross-platform itty bitty Game Engine and open-source Framework. The full featured engine is programmable in Lua and integrated with built-in editors. It keeps the nature of both engine's productivity, and fantasy computer/console's ease to iterate. It boosts your commercial/non-commercial projects, prototypes, game jams, or just thought experiments.
It is supposed to be your ultimate 2D game creating software.

Bitty Engine offers a set of orthogonal features that makes game development comfortable and enjoyable.

These features are quite stable. Things just change, but it is very important that there won't be unthoughtful breaking changes in future development.

Technical specifications

Make your own games

Edit code

Edit sprite

Edit map

Edit image

View sound

View font




Custom clip




Bitty Engine helps you to make standalone binaries for Windows, MacOS, Linux and HTML (WebAssembly). It is redistributable for both non-commercial and commercial use without extra fee, your project is totally yours.
Put an image at "../icon.png" relative to executable to customize the icon dynamically. Put an image at "../splash.png" as well to customize the splash; the image could be transparent.
You can also customize redistributable binary by compiling from source.

Get Bitty Engine

Get the trial version from Steam also to try out language, libraries, editors, pipelines, etc.

System requirements

OS Windows 7 or later (32/64bit), MacOS 10.7 or later (64bit), Ubuntu 14 or later (32/64bit)
Processor 1.5GHz
Memory 512 MB RAM
Graphics Intel HD
Storage 150 MB available space

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